Thursday, October 21, 2010

Research in Mistranslation

A Free Union and Familial Life:
Concubinage is a union made between two persons of the same sex or of different sexes who live as a couple. This union presents the character of stability and continuity. The rights and obligations of concubines are limited when compared to married people. The persons living in a free union are not subject, in particular, to the obligation of debts and assistance. In case of the decease of one concubine, the other does not inherit save for a testament in his/her favor.

Civil Pact of Solidarity:
The civil pact of solidarity is a contract. It is concluded between two physical persons for organizing their communal life. The two persons must be majors (it is impossible to conclude a pact of three person or more) of different or the same sex.

Civil Marriage:
Two people can get married in France even if they are not of French nationality on the condition that they are of different sexes and are aged no less than 18 years. The marriage is celebrated in the commune where one of the two future spouses has a domicile or a residence since at least a month of continuous residence at the date of publication provided by law.

Marriage Without Contract:
There are no formalities. This regime signifies that that which each possesses or owes before the marriage rests in personal property and the goods which he receives through donation or succession throughout the marriage. The product of work of each belongs to the community.

Marriage With Contract:
In the absence of particular formality, the spouses are subject to the regime and the rights of the commune called the regime of the commune property. If the spouses want to opt for another regime, they must pass a contract of marriage.

Food Obligation:
The food obligation and an aid of material which is due a member of a close family (ascendant, descendant) in the need and who is not in measure to assure his subsistence. His amount varies in function of resources of he who is demanded of lodging and needs.

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