Friday, October 22, 2010

The Fruits of my Labor

It was pointed out to me by Jen, a devoted reader, that I don't show you the photos of what I knit. This was sort of intentional as I know most of you could give a crap. But perhaps, you think it's odd that I would tell you about my digestive health and not my hobbies, and I can see the logic in that. So today, in honor of Friday boredom and lack of inspiration, I give you the past several months of sweatering.

Most recently finished.

Very tiny yarn, very tiny needles, took forever.

Impulse yarn purchase in Maine. Cozy sweater of which there will be more.

Tapping into my inner Renn Faire.

First attempt at lacy work.

So now you have proof that I waste my time hobbyistically. I'll try not to forget about your deep and abiding interest when next I finish a project.


  1. Ohhh...I don't think I've seen that first one. Pretty!

  2. These are stunning. (I also like the small segment of the lovely face in the top one.) Could you provide a rough estimate of how long the Renn Faire sweater took?

  3. I finished the top one at the beginning of last week (and wore it Tuesday to Starbucks since I was missing Wednesday night).

    And the Renn Faire sweater took about 2 weeks, I think it was on 7s or 8s.