Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ok, The People Have Spoken

And though none of them has been explicitly invited anywhere, they would prefer a brand new air mattress or dog bed to someone's old bed. Point taken. You may call off your hunting for craigslist beds - we will contemplate different avenues (though not the hideous reproduction chaise so nicely submitted by Antonio). But you seemed to enjoy hunting, so I've got a new hunt.

Find me something interesting to do.

Devoted partner and I were all primed and ready to take beginning Spanish through the nice folks at Greenwich Continuing Education. That is, until the winter schedule came out. People, don't you have jobs? Who can be at a class at 5:30pm on a Tuesday? Unless you worked at the high school where the class is held, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone with a job where pants are mandatory who can both be out of work by 5:30pm and seated in a classroom. So no Spanish for us this semester. I could take it by myself, but it was one of those together things we were going to do.

But I would like to learn something. Yes, I tend towards wanting to learn languages, but I could be swayed in a different direction. So now I invite your suggestions. The requirements: location should be within 30 minutes of house (so White Plains - Stamford); class can't have already started; class should not cost more than $250 (of Alliance Francaise how I despise your heavy handed pricing).

I'm fascinated to see what you turn up!


  1. I realize this suggestion violates both your pricing and geographic parameters, but it looks irresistible.

    ...Okay, the permalink refuses to let itself be copied here. Check out yesterday's NYT article entitled "A Veritable Vision in Five-Inch Heels." I would knock over a convenience store to come up with the dough to take that class!

  2. I'll give it a shot:

    Lylia, this is an excellent suggestion even if only for the fantasy aspect. As a professed owner of gargantuan boat feet, the idea of crafting ones that fit just right is delicious.

    Sadly, even if price weren't an object, you should see me draw. I'm like a (crap, there is no politically correct way to talk about how poor my graphic skills are) howler monkey with epilepsy and a broken crayon (do you think this offends epileptic howler monkeys overmuch?). I could talk about the perfect shoes and have someone else draw them, but me, myself, nooooo. Also I have difficulty cutting along the dotted line.

    Come to think of it, how did I ever pass kindergarten?

    But a great article and a fabulous idea!

  3. I still recommend Photo classes, but that may not serve the purpose of having a shared learning experience with the Other.

    I don't know much about the world above 59th (really 42nd) Street, so I can't advise on anywhere besides stuff in the city.

    Adorama has some sessions that can be pretty useful and affordable. ICP is great, but pricey.