Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Invitation to a Hunt

We had a lovely dinner with friends Jim and Erica on Saturday night and joked afterwards that we would have been happy to stay up late and make it a slumber party. This works, in theory, because Jim and Erica have that special thing we currently lack: a guest room. Though, in theory, so do we.

When we started setting up house, I assumed that my Room of One's Own would eventually play very occasional double duty as a guest room - mostly because my bookshelves occupy a mere single wall and my desk a small corner - the rest of the room is strangely empty and clearly large enough for a bed. However, I didn't want an actual big lump of a bed hanging out in my room. Then it would no longer be my room, but clearly a guest room that I used as an office.

Recently, I have permitted devoted partner to move some of his items into my room. Devoted partner chose poorly when he selected the basement rumpus room as his office as our heat does not vent down there. So currently, devoted partner's office is a constant balmy 50 degrees. So the spare television (which I desperately wanted to destroy) and the PS3 have taken up residence in my heated room. It would now be nice if there was seating that one might not sit on the floor while playstationing.

So I invite you, especially that one of you who finds things on craigslist and emails them to me and who, coincidentally, was the first person thought of as a potential user of the guest room (since otherwise there would be that uncomfortable three-in-a-bed moment), to assist us in locating the perfect used daybed. My requirements: no bedbugs, bloodstains, or mold, and I don't want to spend more than $150. Also, please nothing larger than a queen-sized apparatus (if they even make daybeds that big - I was hoping for a double) as it will need to somehow fit in or on a Suburu Outback.

Joke entries welcome!


  1. That's totally me, right? But I *do* like to snuggle!

  2. Totally! See today's post for more information!