Monday, April 25, 2011

Our New Pet

Ok, so perhaps we haven't house-trained him (her?) yet, and perhaps she/he is still afraid of us, but I am counting this little Easter miracle as our first pet. Because out of nowhere little bunny foo-foo showed up yesterday to share Easter greetings. And I loves him/her.

Now, don't get me wrong, I actually think rabbits make horrible pets because they smell worse than the 6 train in July, and they don't fetch, and they poop indoors, and a whole host of other things that make them infinitely less awesome than dogs, but if you'll notice, we don't have one of those either, so this will be our pet from now on.

So now the question of names comes up. Much as I don't like the name Hershey for a chocolate lab, I would like to steer clear of any cloyingly adorable and eponymous names for foo-foo (though I'm not opposed to Foo-Foo) like Senor Cadbury. Sadly, wikipedia just told me that, for years, I have not, in fact, known the German word for rabbit. The word I have known if for rabbit stew, so perhaps it is tacky to name our new pet after food. Though I really liked the idea of calling him/her Das Pfeffer (which I now know means The Pepper since Hasenpfeffer is German for rabbit and pepper which equals rabbit stew - stupid Germans).

And it just keeps getting worse. The Boy and I, as children, referred to the bunny monsters in The Legend Of Zelda as Hassenpfeffers, but now zeldapedia tells me their given name was Pols Voice. Which is so lame. I'm glad we referred to them as rabbit stew instead.

Hmmmm, but maybe Stew isn't a horrible name. Or Terrine. Terry for short.

Obviously I need help, and since devoted partner spied the-bunny-yet-to-be-named again this morning eating our shrubberies, he/she is here to stay and will need a name. All submissions will be considered.

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  1. I'll try the obvious ones: Bugs. Trix. Roger. Jessica. Welsh. Playboy/Playgirl.