Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fur is Fabulous, As Are the 70s

Much to devoted partner's delight chagrin, I found a television channel that, at truly uncivilized hours of the day, shows old Charlie's Angels episodes. Now the DVR is packed with them. I am not a Farrah-come-lately in this matter. I have ALWAYS loved Charlie's Angels. Loved them as a young child, loved them as a teen, forever loved. Loved in a way I didn't love Love Boat or Dukes of Hazzard or any of the other similarly ridiculous shows of yesteryear. Charlie's Angels was special.

I covet (past/present/future) Jaclyn Smith's hair. If the genie came to grant me a single wish, I would seriously pause for a moment deciding between gobs of money and Jaclyn Smith's hair. Mostly because I'm not sure any amount of money will get me her hair.

And their outfits. Oh sweet jeebus. It was like Barbie writ large, but with guns. And judo. And the exceptionally tingle-inducing sound of John Forsythe's voice. Remember when Vanna White wasn't made of robot parts? And she wore spangly dresses and was resoundingly awesome? That's what the angels look like in every episode. And don't even get me started on their Mustang Cobras etc. In short, they can do no wrong. I am even generous with the later, forgettable angels in a way I have never been with the later execrable Timothy Dalton Bond (who starred in a Charlie's Angels episode, by the way, as the jewel thief boyfriend of Farrah Fawcett come back for a special guest star role).

As luck would have it, this week's assortment of reruns included a two-parter. Set in Vail. Where they skied in fur hats. Actually, the hat Sabrina wore is in my closet. I must remember to wear it more this winter. When they weren't in their ski garb, they were in the most fantastic assortment of 70s fur things. I wanted them all. Similarly, Helen Mirren wore a fur jacket in Red that fostered the same neediness within me.

I have only a passing consideration for living things - mostly the living things I like, so fur has never even registered on my list of things that are horrible. The differences among wearing fur, wearing leather, eating a hamburger, shooting at stray cats with a pellet gun, are small (you're welcome, AB). You should have seen me when we went to Montreal and to the fur store - I was seriously smitten with everything. It is my lifelong dream to own, and pull off, a muff. So seeing the wide array of furstrosities modeled by the Angels was and epic merge of two things I unashamedly love despite good taste.

And if you're really curious, or really bored, the nice kids at YouTube have a condensed version of the episode.

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