Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Giving In To Temptation

Just a housekeeping note: did anyone understand one word Stephen Colbert's guest said last night? Not only did I find his thesis the opposite of cogent and so incredibly convoluted, but he was a really poor representative of whatever it was he was talking about. Here's what I understood: poor people should make noise about their poverty while, somehow, not making the noise rich people don't like that poor people are in the habit of making any way like street noise. Just wondering if anyone else got something out of that four minutes.

But we were going to talk about temptation. If your name rhymes with "gamey," you are well versed in the brand of temptation that strikes around July 4th. The temptation that says one need not have an expansive estate to enjoy the good life; that a blender is sometimes the only accoutrement one needs to be sated; that repetitive tasks become more interesting the more one uses the blender and enjoys what it produces.

For many years the people whose names rhyme with "gamey" enjoyed turning devoted partner's parents' lovely, staid, appropriate Greenwich colonial into a strawberry flavored and colored redneck's dream. For 2-3 glorious days we mixed up strawberry daiquiris and played epic games of "asshole."

In a kiddie pool.

Now you may scoff, but until you've tried it you don't even know. Armed with a wooden salad bowl that served as our floating discard pile and actually armed with an air rifle to protect our pool from pigeons and deer, we took the July 4th bull by the horns and got it massively pissed on girldrinks.

Now 1/2 of "gamey" has moved on and gotten married and while the other 1/2 of "gamey" did partake in some nostalgic pink drinks with us the other month, it isn't the same. It's like trying to recapture magic moments.

Or is it?

You see, on Sunday, after sweating through about 50 minutes on the miserable beach, devoted partner and I were ready to throw maturity to the wind. We entered Target with a plan. We exited Target with a 30 dollar ENORMOUS kiddie pool and some light up rubber duckies (sadly made in China and not all that sturdy).

So Monday found us in our pool, playing gin into a wooden salad bowl (until devoted partner accidentally got water in the bowl which was an accident even though he hates gin), and grilling up burgers and dogs.

I'll admit, "gamey," it wasn't the same, but it was pretty darn good. We hope to lure you and your new additions back sooner rather than later.

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