Friday, May 28, 2010

The Inevitable Approaches

I was all set to talk to you about Cuban food today, honestly I was. Before leaving the house, I set the photos I wanted to use to upload, confident that they would be there when I arrived at work. Which, from the lack of pictures herein, you will know did not happen. And I feel I owe an explanation. After all, from the way I talk about it, you'd think editing and uploading photos was akin to stalking, killing, and prepping my own wild game.

My computer is not so much a Dell or a Sony or an IBM. My computer was (I can't believe I admit this stuff) built by me with some guidance from devoted partner out of parts. The hard drive part, the memory part, the motherboard part, the dvd drive part, etc. This was, at the time, cheaper, and allowed me to add on as needed. Well, I finally can add no more. My motherboard will not support any newer awesomer stuff which leaves me with a computer that struggles both with Adobe Lightroom and 17MP photographs.

And by struggles I mean like the little engine that could.

Now I know this is uninteresting, but I can't post what I wanted to because I have no pictures - they're somewhere in limbo.

I need a new computer. And I hate hate hate needing a new computer. I don't want to spend the money, I don't want to reinstall all my programs, I don't want to do any of it. But as each passing day chokes and splutters to a megabit close, I know the time is long since nigh. And now the only question becomes: laptop or desktop.

Pros to the laptop are portability, cons are I'm not sure I like using them. Devoted partner got himself a shiny new laptop this year (very well deserved) and I kind of hate typing on it. The keys are unsubstantial and don't give good feedback. Now I realize that most of the time, I can have the laptop on my desk, hooked up to my nice big monitor and a real keyboard, which kind of makes the decision seem easier, but then there's another con: with another self-built desktop, I could play the adding-on game for another 5 or so years, whereas with the laptop, not so much.

I know my budget, and it's sufficient for either (though, let's be honest, for about $400, I could build myself a pretty rocking desktop and only come away with one of those mini-laptops that don't accommodate my key-mashing fingers), I just, for some inexplicable reason, resent having to get a new computer. I feel like the computer I have, though completely inappropriate for today's software, works well enough. It's not broken, or virus-ridden, or sad in any way save processing speed. It's just old. Old and slow. But I haven't yet thrown out and replaced my parents, so doesn't it seem callous to do so to my computer? We've had such good times together. And I built him from scratch.

Ok, I don't actually have any sentimental attachment to the damn thing at all. I'm mostly concerned with spending money to replace a still-functioning item and with the endless work it will take to get the stuff I need from old computer to new computer.

Ridiculously boring post: over.

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