Friday, April 9, 2010

New Shoe

New Shoe

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For years really, I have suffered the rolled-eye comments about my footwear. How it can't be comfortable/practical/good in any way even as I think we all can agree my footwear is best described as fierce. And when people asked dumbass questions like, "how do you walk in those," I, for the most part, politely replied with platitudes like, "oh it just takes practice," or "my mom taught me," when what I really wanted to do was go all batshit crazy on the person asking. We all know that, "how do you walk in those" is ladycode for, "how dare you flaunt your sexuality in this public manner by unironically wearing stilettos!"

But, as I recorded herein, I was on the lookout for some flat shoes that I could wear on days when P90X kicked my ass in such a way that teetering on high heels would do more harm than good or on days when I just wasn't in the mood to wear ye olde Chucks. So I went to the French Sole outlet yesterday, purchased the above pair of brown/black flats, and wore them out of the store.

Let me just say that all the people who ever teased me about my heels can go jump in the lake. I can now say, with the ultimate assurance, ALL SHOES HURT THE FIRST DAY. I don't care if they are towering platforms or your new Asics, unfamiliar shoes hurt feet. Sure, there are degrees of hurting, but until your foot softens the rough edges, stretches the tight arts, and acclimates to the shape of the shoe, it will hurt. I am wearing just as many protective bandaids with these flats as I do with any pair of 4" heels.

I mean, just think about the flip flop blisters you get when the part between your toes starts rubbing the wrong way. So it is with these flats. Both pinky toes and both heels engage rough spots. So, like I do with any shoe, I'll wear these until the hurt goes away. But just remember that, ladies, the next time you leave an awesome pair of vertiginous pumps on the rack because you think they'll hurt too much.

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  1. I really, really, really like those shoes. The toes are perfection in terms of shape (SUCH a difficult thing to get right), strap placement, buckle size, and shininess.

    I'm drooling.