Friday, March 5, 2010

Road Trip

For the first time in our lives, The Boy and I will be taking a little trip together. Based on how I adore mein bruder, I have long held out hope that once he's settled into a relationship, the four of us will rent beach villas and hang out together (even as I know that his minimum luxury quotient is way higher than mine; I need a roof and water and preferably no major vermin), so I am sure that this < 36 hour trip to the Baltimore/Washington area will be an excellent test case.

Our mother's family is easily located within an hour of one another between Baltimore and the Virginia side of DC and yet we never seem to make it down there. Some of this can be blamed on The Boy's demanding job; some of it on my avowal to never again ride in the backseat of a vehicle manned by my father; and some of it on the difficulty of families to get together when everyone's a grownup.

As such, a hastily assembled birthday gathering for my grandmother's 95th birthday two weekends ago, was pointedly missed by the two of us, for which I personally have felt much shamefacedness. The Boy and I decided to go visit at the first opportunity which, when you have his job, is whatever two days you can beg off, with about a week's notice (fortunately my busy social calendar is anything but).

So tomorrow morning I will pick him up around 10 and we shall happily drive one of America's least interesting roads to Baltimore. Where perils lurk around every corner. I think we might get to see everyone including our two cousins, which will be nice as I cannot remember the last time I saw them (thank you Facebook for allowing me to think I keep in touch with people).

And off we shall go on our first brother/sister road trip (since our trip to Foxwoods in autumn had other people on it even if we two shared a car). I foresee our first massive iPod disagreement somewhere around Trenton.

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