Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Even Now, Surprises

The weekend was full of new things, even as it was filled with familiar things. Least notably, we checked out the much larger Whole Foods in Westport and I have decided that the Whole Foodses that have the health and beauty sections annoy me. Even if it doesn't, in truth, take space away from food products, it implies a space exchange and I like organic food far more than I like organic toothpaste.

It started on Friday when devoted partner mysteriously appeared home with a Whole Food bag. Devoted partner does not shop unattended at the Whole Foods. Items were unloaded and little was said about the foray. Saturday afternoon, however, a strange noise emanated from the kitchen. It was the sound of someone messing up my stuff. It was the sound of devoted partner industriously and ambitiously preparing the Saturday evening meal. I want to make sure we all understand the import of this:

devoted partner made his own naan!

And since he is devotedly defatifying as well, said naan was made with whole wheat flour and no ghee. While using new and exciting things like yeast (and wheat flour) he also set about preparing a vindaloo (gotta hand it to him, he's a go big or go home kinda guy and I like it). Many many hours of hard work later, and dinner appeared. Delicious dinner. Dinner I did not have to lift a finger for (except to roll out the naan which I thought was the least I could do). Which made it even deliciouser. Now devoted partner, much like me I must say, just thought his dinner was ok. He didn't like that it didn't taste like restaurant Indian to which I replied that nothing ever tastes like it does in the restaurant. He made some key substitutions to make the meal healthier which also would, of necessity, make it taste less like the restaurant stuff. But damn, if it wasn't tasty. The whole wheat naan, in particular, was the stuff overeating is made of, but we were fairly responsible. And now we can have the leftovers tonight!

But that was not the only excitement of the weekend. Sunday saw two super exciting things. Our first coyote sighting. In our backyard. Just hanging about. Possibly looking for squirrels to eat. Coyotes look like mangy wolfdogs and I inquired as to whether or not devoted partner thought our new pet pest might like raw chicken...

And as we drove back from Whole Foods the super long way so that I could be enthralled by suburban culture, something miraculous fell from the sky. Devoted partner called it corn snow, I called it awesome. It was like mini-hail and it looked like exploded packing peanuts. We pulled into a parking lot and frolicked in the packing peanut snow. It got stuck in hair and clothing and all too soon it melted. As passerby wondered why we were out in the crazy weather acting like idiots, we both smiled in the knowledge that people who like to dance around in corn snow, who get seriously stoked about the presence of rabid wildlife in their living areas, and who try new things just for the fun of it, do find one another in the universe.

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