Friday, March 12, 2010

The Adventure of a Lifetime

From the album: Antonio and Carolina - New York 2007
Madonna Tap, Massachusetts, March, 1997.
First Lobster, Maine, August, 1998.
Pedro so sad at South of the Border, South Carolina, March 1999.
69 Days, 21000km, June-August, 1999.
Corsica, Take Two, May, 2000.
French Thanksgiving, Dijon, November, 2000.
Treasure Cay, May, 2001.
Treasure Cay, Again, March, 2003.
Corsica, Take Three, September, 2005.
Wedding at the Orangerie, Dijon, June, 2006.
Treasure Cay, Again Again, New Year's, 2007.
Poutine with Foie Gras, Montreal, March, 2007.
Stingray Alley, Grand Cayman, July, 2007.
Treasure Cay, Again Again Again, New Year's, 2008.
Wedding in a Bucky Ball, Lisbon, 2008.
Civil Baptism (Je suis le guide moral!), Provence and Dijon, June 2008.
Egypt, March, 2009.
Bonaire, November, 2009.

There isn't a day I'd trade, or a memory I would expunge. Before thirteen more years pass, we will add to this list (South America already looms on the horizon) in new and exciting ways. And while this is merely a glimpse at the photogenic moments, you make the ordinary moments extraordinary. You make my life better. You make me giggle when my mouth is full. You let me warm my graveyard feet on your legs. You put up with my singing the German Shepherd Puppies song over and over again. I has a big happy when I am with you.

Happy Anniversary. I hope you know I'm your devoted partner too.

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