Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That's E for Exceeds Expectations

I know what you're thinking: oh she got her snow day, she's sitting around the house dirty in her robe and slippers with funky ratty hair and a peculiar smell trying to see how many simultaneous handfuls of granola she can cram down her throat.

It is true, I am in my robe and slippers, and you would be too if you owned my robe and slippers which are objectively the dopeness, and yes, I gave serious and careful consideration to being filthy today - after all to not take a shower is infinitely easier than to take a shower - but I resisted the urge to give myself totally over to sloth. I am clean, people, and what's more, underneath my robe, yeah, you heard it here first, I am wearing clean underwear. So there, haters!

I am even doing a mildly decent job of suppressing my indignation at the current crop of nancys we call today's youth who, in addition to needing to wear helmets during social studies class just in case the grandeur of ancient Greece is so overwhelming they become dizzy and fall out of their chairs, get preemptive snowdays for less than, I don't know, two feet of snow. No wonder we fall behind all other countries that can feed their populace when it comes to, well, all subjects, frankly. (I think we also get our collective asses handed to us by Cuba.)

Instead I am focusing on the positive: I will be able to clean out my DVR; enjoy a cup of tea while watching snow I will not have to shovel fall on the yard; dodge phone calls from my parents all day long (see also: Ed); wonder why I didn't go shopping in advance of the storm because all I have in the house is yogurt, granola, and low fat hot dogs. Ok, so maybe this snow day isn't all its cracked up to be. I'll still have to do some work, and devoted partner certainly has work to do so it's not like we can make a fire and enjoy being shut-ins (particularly as we have no fireplace).

But I might paint my nails, something that is a rare occurrence, with the silly color I'd been looking for these past months and finally found yesterday, and my nails are already clean because, remember, I showered. And in the end, I think that's the important thing to take from this day: I sacked it up enough to not smell like feet. I hope you can say the same.

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