Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Nopropos

I had some capital-letter-type entries brewing in my mind, but when reviewing them, they sounded really high falutin' and have been abandoned to the trash heap of my brain. I give you instead some easily digestible bites.

Happy birthday Antonio. You are good friend, a loyal reader, and deliverer of much unsolicited advice. May your less-geographically-impaired-than-we-are friends fete you in a manner becoming a man of your stature.

In the absence of HGTV, I have needed a new brainless channel. Thank you G4 for stepping up to the plate. And knowing thyself. While boycotting the cold, I was able to watch their aptly named Junk Food TV which included such hits as Ninja Warrior (which I would argue is not junk food television at all, but you could respond that the Women of Ninja Warrior shows hosted by a Playboy playmate were not amply nutritious - and you'd be right), Cops, and like Cops but different: Campus PD. Devoted partner feels bad for the cops on Campus PD because they try to arrest mouthy undergrads who have a vague understanding of their rights as opposed to the cops on Cops who arrest crystal meth addicts who have a vague understanding of nothing.

Much like the scene in The World is Not Enough where the guy from Trainspotting knows Pierce Brosnan's shoulder hurts because the French girl from Braveheart told him and so the Trainspotting guy exerts pressure on Pierce's bad shoulder, I think EA Active knows that my knees wobble and make funny sounds on the best of days and has therefore made me do a truly unnecessary number of lunge-type activities so that I will make little bitch noises all day when going up and down stairs. Way to be sadistic, Wii.

And, in a truly lame segue, I draw your attention to a posting on a favorite blog (that you should not go to if you are at work) that compares house hunting to consumption of pornography. I would go on to add that as a former watcher of HGTV, it should be noted that when prepping houses for sale, all of the professionals transform people's normal homes into creepy carbon copies of one another by means of PotteryBarnification - so it's not your imagination.

Finally, I have decided that, as part of my Road to DSLR, I will remember how lenses work by taking my old-school SLR out for a spin. Now I just have to figure out if places (not B&H) even sell film anymore.

Sorry for the assortment-type post. I will endeavor to find common threads tomorrow.

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  1. I mostly get my film from Adorama. Calumet on 20th sells a lot of film too. There's a whole district dedicated to photo stuff from, say 16th St to 24th or so between 5th and 6th.

    The analog stuff is interesting and can be quite the rabbit hole to fall through.