Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Project, Part 1

The lovely Amy came over on Sunday and cast her expert eye over our belongings, decor, and domicile - a surprising number of things passed muster, but there were those that didn't. Singled out for a home makeover was our dining room table. Which was my parent's dining room table. Which was selected in the 1980s. And looks it.

The table top is a faux bois laminate and the table is supported by a gigantic silver apparatus that looks like a reconfiguration of department store clothing racks. Add to this that the chairs around the table are folding wood chairs from IKEA, and you get the idea. Yet, until two months ago, we had never had a dining room table and only used this one when we were having more than two people over for dinner (which was once a year). Also, we like free things. Free things, strangely enough, cost significantly less than non-free things.

But where we merely saw a temporary monstrosity, Amy saw potential. Calling forth from her mind a series of "easily" undertaken tasks, she recited the list of things we would need to do to transform the table from acid-washed to couture, and I'm going to do it.

Obviously, though, this will be humorous. I have no special talent for things like painting inside the lines, and there will doubtless be many a misstep (I'm thinking the orbital sander will be a good starting place for disaster). I have already visualized the chairs that I will create to go with the table so, there's that funniness to come.

I will post the 'before' picture of the table when I get home, but in the meantime, however dated the image in your head is, rest assured, the reality is far worse!


  1. a)Doing the table REALLY will be easy, but I'll totally come up and help you one weekend (but not this weekend), if you want. Anyway, I know you can do it! (Plus, power sander really not required -- you just need to lightly sand the top, then wipe off the dust, so the paint will stick better.)
    c)I LOVE your house. It's great. I love your kitchen and your living room-- and I think that your bedroom and dining room will be great when you hang things on the walls, get curtains (for BR), etc. SO MUCH MORE than pass muster!
    d)I had such a good time with you both on Sunday, and I'm so happy you're happy in your new house!

  2. p.s. If you tape the edges well, staying within them will be no prob. While you're at it, you might consider sanding down the wood edges a bit (before you paint), there are some chips, etc., and then re-coating them with poly when you do the table top at the end.