Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Like the Hall of Tomorrowland, but Different

The Five Seater - A Rare Sighting, 10/8
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Yes, the time has come to acknowledge the wonderful people who make commuting, nay living, in the 21st century such a delight. We, the wage slaves, salute you for reminding us just how much we wish we had rich uncles so that we would never come across your like again.

Having started my journey to shaming those who do not behave as etiquette would desire in a surreptitious manner, I am pleased to report that I have blossomed into a shameless snapper of pictures, often with flash, of those who would treat a public train like a private rumpus room. I read somewhere recently that while we all think our dirty looks are withering and accomplish something, those on the receiving end are generally able to ignore our stares. The person recommended using our mouth holes to convey dissatisfaction, but I am using my pin hole.

So, my fellow commuters, you are on alert. If, as the initial members of the Hall of Commuter Dbags, you choose to ostentatiously occupy multiple seats in a crowded train or you decide that rush hour was just the time to talk to your best friend about the best places to get your lady parts waxed, I will be photographing you and adding you to this delightful flickr set.

Readers, I will attempt to remind you when it is updated, but the flickr set can now be found on the sidebar, and I urge you to do your part for civilization, even in these its waning days, by openly and loudly mocking and disseminating the shots of these Commuter Dbags.

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  1. You are missing a picture of the guy that picks his nose and wipes it under the seat. We refer to him as Booger Booger Booger.