Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Like It Enough To Devote A Whole Post To It

So Many Spices
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The more cynical among you might attribute this to a lack of anything else to write about, but I see it differently: I have bought something I truly adore.

A lot of spices and herbs and things get used in the house. If you've ever had any of my chocolates, you know that curry, cardamom, and pink peppercorn are more likely to be found than cherry cordial, buttercream, and marzipan. Additionally, my savory cooking frequently features more than one herb/spice flavor, and frequently several. I have never liked my spice rack. Apologies to my mother who found a good deal and bought me a present, but the 32-cavity rotating spice rack was never a) big enough or b) utilitarian. I hated having to swivel the damn thing to see what 3/4 of my spices were. And I always had gobs of additional loose bottles for those spices that went over my allotted 32.

I don't remember how I found KnottyKnotty, I only know that when I did, I fell in love immediately with the spice solutions therein. Yes, part of it is the geekery of being able to measure out things in the kitchen from test tubes (while cackling, mad-scientist-like), but the other part of it is that it looks so beautiful. As much as I like to cook, this makes me want to cook more.

I custom ordered a 64-cavity block after making a tentative list of spices. As you can see, I didn't have trouble filling the block. And, frankly, I could find some other items to go into test tubes. I'm already thinking of having a separate one (or two) for downstairs or one dedicated to baking. I'm working out how many cavities those would need.

I'm sharing this with you because I think you should all buy one too. I'm not joking. If you have ever looked at what a boring spice rack costs, you'll realize that this is a better deal, and prettier to boot. Before seeing these, I was all set to have a very professional and austere magnetic solution, and I am so glad I didn't go that route. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I realize that having pretty things surrounding me is important. From the orange appliances to the drawer of a thousand colored spatulae, it's nice to look around your workspace and see things that are pleasing to the eye.

But, if you don't need a spice rack, consider one of the other awesome wood things. I don't know. I liked these people and their craftsmanship and, while I doubt this is their primary source of income, maybe they'd one day like it to be. As someone who would, ultimately, like to earn her keep from her passion and not her job, throwing business the way of others with passion (who, coincidentally make a really good product) seems karmically, um, good.

Just don't buy any of the stuff I want!

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  1. Hi Yelena!

    Love your blog. Greenwich? Wow. Did you follow Dora's photos from Grand Cayman on Joyce's trip? We're going to be in Scottsdale for Thanksgiving. Any chance you and Jim could be there?