Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tagged. Memed.

It was bound to happen and I'm so unprepared. I've been tagged and now I have to come up with content and other people to pass the ball to. Aidan of Ivy League Insecurities delivered unto my inbox this fun invitation to do a little Honest Scrapping. Aidan and I went to high school together, but in different grades and different circles (though this probably implies vast clique gulfs a la The Breakfast Club, whereas our small school really didn't have the ability to support entirely separate social ecosystems), and we rediscovered one another through the wily evils of Facebook. She has a book getting ready to be released (which is, frankly, a far too awesome accomplishment for me to even be able to muster the tiniest bit of envy; I'm just kinda slack-jawed and 'woah' about it) called BlackBerry Girl, which I have no shame in plugging because people should read more books written by smart people!

But back to the task at hand (do you see how I was able to dissemble for a whole paragraph?). Ok, so there are rules to our game. I am supposed to share 10 honest things about myself and then tag seven other bloggers whose writing I find honest. Ok. I think I can do this, but I'm going to mix it up a little. I'm giving you twenty things, half of which are untrue; you see if you can decide which is which. I'll post the answers at the end of the week. Hmmm, I wonder if that makes me less honest than the other participants. And you should go read Aidan's, cause number 10 is going to blow you away!

  1. I loved barbie and paper dolls as a child, but only for the fashions. I never constructed elaborate stories for them. My favorites were the Carmen Miranda paper dolls (which I found on ebay and repurchased as an adult) and the Oscar de la Renta collection for Barbie.
  2. The reason I don't wear lots of jewelery is that I have an allergic reaction to anything that isn't a precious metal resting on my skin; ergo I wear my earrings which are gold and diamond and nothing else.
  3. I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch every day (with rare exceptions) from kindergarten through seventh grade.
  4. I had a pet goldfish that I won at a fair that lived with us for five years.
  5. My first celebrity crush was Ricky Schroeder and I developed several unhealthy fantasies about his indoor train.
  6. I pretend I finished Infinite Jest, but really, thought it was so bad from the start that I gave up after five pages - I judge it harshly as if I had read the whole thing.
  7. I have a subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine and I hide it like pornography when it arrives at the house.
  8. I don't have a compelling "where were you on September 11th" story because I was watching Beverly Hills, 90210 reruns on F/X.
  9. I was accepted to the vocal program at Juiliard with scholarship and didn't go because I wanted to have sex with boys at college.
  10. My brother got DNA testing that verified that we, like others of Lebanese extraction, are of direct Phoenician descent. Sadly, no Ghengis Khan link yet.
  11. I love Chef Olivier's Foie Gras torchon, the Steak Frites at Balthazar and the chocolate fondant recipe I ganked from Daniel, but the meal I'd eat every day for the rest of my life is two slices of Mimi's Pizza.
  12. I have never seen E.T.
  13. When my parents asked me what I wanted to do for my 25th birthday, I said "Cookie Puss."
  14. When I found out Giuliani was running for president I re-registered as a Republican so I could vote for him in the primaries; I switched back to the democrats when there was no hope he'd be our next president.
  15. I had a short article published in the National Review and never told anyone because I was so embarrassed.
  16. I own stock in exactly one company and the original certificate was a gift.
  17. I haven't done hand laundry in about six months. There is still an unpacked box of dirty unmentionables.
  18. I don't believe in alien visits, ghosts, spirits, god, fairies (whichever way you choose to spell it), but I do believe I am distant cousins with Shakira.
  19. Because Jamie could do it, I spent several weeks teaching myself pi to 40 places.
  20. My dad took me shopping for my first bra.

Have at it, my internet friends. I like to think these are tricky, so let's see how you do. In the meantime, the following seven people are on my honesty hit list:

Jamie because he'll never do it, but is honest to a fault (except when it comes to insignificant anecdotes, in which case, did he tell you about the time he...?)

Sarah whose older brother was my first non-celebrity crush

Jon and Heather who, adorable, apple-eating small child notwithstanding, should update more

Erica whose life seems busy right now what with baby, baby on the way, and remodel, so she should have time for this

Clay who will definitely be more interesting than I am

Ethan who needs no encouragement but should

Marina who also has lots of free time now that her son has turned 1 - I mean they're pretty self-sufficient by that time, right?

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